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“Inflection Points” is a groundbreaking work on crisis management. Instead of treating a business crisis as an event that must somehow be survived, “Inflection Points” outlines how crisis can be an opportunity to transform your business and your life for the better. Our founder and CEO has helped companies around the world navigate profound moments of crisis and use them to create dramatic change, and this important publication is a compendium of his learnings.

From the cover:

Crisis can dramatically change a business: the sudden death of a CEO, a shakeup in the boardroom, an unplanned takeover battle or a global pandemic.

Such events can devastate businesses and the lives of principals. They can set in motion a downward trajectory that might appear to lead into the abyss. But that downward trajectory can be changed. That’s because moments of crisis demand radical action, and radical action is the foundation of transformational change.

You can use business turbulence and crisis to create your own inflection point, and in so doing transform your business and your life. With extensive case studies and real-world experience, this book will show you how.

Editorial Review:

When a crisis descends upon us, our every instinct tells us to scramble to safety, whatever the cost. Inflection Points tells us that this response, while natural enough, is dead wrong. It presents an entirely new way of conceptualizing crises, seeing them not as events to be feared, but as inevitable occurences that bring the opportunity for change . . . change that we wouldn’t otherwise have the courage to bring about. But more than that, it takes the reader by the hand and shows them, step by step, how to adopt a new mindset to make those changes happen. This is a brilliant feat, especially when you consider that many readers may pick up this book when they’re in the throes of cataclysm.

If the pandemic has taught us nothing else, it’s that all business leaders will eventually face a real crisis. In the depths of those moments, the common lament is that “there is no owner’s manual” to consult with a pre-drawn roadmap. Inflection Points is that manual.

– Charles Ussery, Publisher, Leadership & Performance Monthly

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Ad Altius CEO Thomas Brown is the author of the seminal conflict prevention treatise “House on Fire: How to Prevent Conflict and “Arsonist” Behaviors from Burning Down Your Company.”

From the cover:

A company in which board or executive team conflicts get out of hand is a house on fire. Left unchecked, they can threaten the business, and in the worst cases, burn it to the ground. All nascent conflicts should be treated as dangerous and dealt with immediately to prevent those involved from unleashing “arsonist” behaviors that put the entire company at risk.

Thomas Brown has worked globally with scores of publicly and privately held companies and family-owned businesses to resolve deep and significant disputes. In this book, he analyzes the origins of conflicts and offers five tools to prevent them from happening in the first place, or to regain control of those that might already exist.

House on Fire book cover

Mosaic of fireEditorial Review:

We acknowledge firefighters for their bravery, and rightfully so. Yet it’s the fire marshals, whose efforts prevent fires, who are the key to safety. Once the firefighters arrive, the sprinklers turn on, the evacuation plan is used, and the insurance claim is filed, there is already the loss of money, repute, and perhaps lives. It’s no different in the boardroom and Thomas Brown presents a hugely effective case for stopping what he calls the “arsonist personalities” in senior management and on the board. House on Fire would be a romp if it weren’t deadly accurate and unnerving. Filled with self-assessments, case studies, and methodology–and intriguing differences between, for example, views and values and how they are each treated–this should be required reading for every board member and executive, and perhaps investors as well.
-Alan Weiss, publisher, The Uncomfortable Truth
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